Choosing pedagogical or pastoral courses

Students from the start of the 5th semester and the latest until the start of the 7th semester, are obliged to choose between:

A) pedagogical sufficiency or
B) the pastoral work of the Church

After this decision they must denote to the Secretariat the corresponding courses as follows:

Α) Students that wish to acquire the certificate for Pedagogical sufficiency must register and be successfully examined in all of the five courses below:

  1. Υ209Π Theology, Educational Technology and Scientific Methodology
  2. ΥΕ10Π General Pedagogy (Students that have succeeded course 404 Introduction to Pedagogy, will not choose ΥΕ10Π General Pedagogy)
  3. ΥΕ21Π Teaching the “Religious Studies” class at school.
  4. ΥΕ22Π Microteaching and student practice.
  5. One free-elective course from the two following courses:
    α) Χ290Π Religious education and difference.
    β) Θ320Π Students’ social intergration and religious education.

Β) Alternatively, students that do not wish to acquire certificate for Pedagogical sufficiency, can register the following two elective courses belonging to the selected specialization, in which they will be examined:

  • ΥΕ23 Pastoral work: The structures and their application-Theory, instead of course ΥΕ21Π
  • ΥΕ24 Pastoral work: The structure and their application-Praxis, instead of course ΥΕ22Π

Please note that the following courses are MANDATORY for ALL STUDENTS REGARDLESS OF THEIR CHOICE (pedagogical sufficiency or pastoral work of the Church):

  1. Υ209Π Theology, Educational Technology and Scientific Methodology
  2. ΥΕ10Π ΥΕ10Π General Pedagogy or 404 Introduction to Pedagogy
  3. YE20 Pastoral and christian counseling – practicum.