Apostle Paul Centre

The Centre of the Apostle Paul is a research activity of the Biblical Studies Laboratory concerning the Pauline studies.

During the three years 2013-2016, the Centre of the Apostle Paul functioned as a research and educational Centre of the School, within the framework of the thematic network for Textual and Interpretive Church Tradition (KEEP), under the direction of Professor Kyriakoula Papademetriou. After establishing the Biblical Studies Laboratory (2016), it was entirely absorbed by it. It joined the institutional framework of the Laboratory since the subject of the Centre completely overlaps with the objects of the Laboratory (see Minutes of the Department Assembly no. 667/23-07 -2020).

The object of the Centre is:

The study of the person and work of the apostle Paul and his contribution to Theology, History, and Culture throughout time and humanity, as well as his contribution to the universality of Christianity.

The purposes of the Centre are:

  • Encouraging the research of Pauline studies interdisciplinary, not only through Theology but also through Philology and Literature, History and juridical sciences, Ethics and Sociology, Archeology and Art.
  • The international promotion of the orthodox hermeneutical approach of the Pauline literature and the contribution to inter-Christian and inter-religious dialogues according to the ecumenical spirit of Orthodox Theology.
  • Providing undergraduate and graduate students with educational and research opportunities for Pauline studies at an advanced level, in conjunction with the scientific disciplines mentioned above, and with theoretical and practical training in these fields of study.
  • The development and production of new research and educational material related to Pauline studies and its effects on Theology and Culture.
  • Significantly, the presentation and highlighting of the impact of the apostle Paul and his work on the life and culture of the city of Thessaloniki, Beroia, and Philippi, and in general Macedonia, where the apostle founded several churches.