The School of Social Theology and Christian Culture operates 4 research laboratories

Laboratory of Pedagogy – Christian Pedagogy

The Laboratory of Pedagogy – Christian Pedagogy of the Department of Social Theology and Christian Culture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in the academic year 2008-2009, following the actions of the Professor of the Department, Mr. Iraklis Rerakis (G.G. v. B΄ 661/09.04.2009). The start of its operation took place after the completion of its constraction and equipment in May 2010.

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Biblical Studies Lab

The Biblical Studies Laboratory serves educational and research needs in the academic subjects of biblical studies, and in particular in the study of the Holy Bible, Old and New Testament, and related fields.

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Eusebius Lab / Laboratory of History, Policy, Diplomacy and Geography of the Church

The «EUSEBIUS LAΒ», "Church History, Politics, Diplomacy and Geography Laboratory", was established with ΦΕΚ3486/31-10-2016, τεύχ.Β ́.

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Laboratory for Liturgical Studies

The Laboratory for Liturgical Studies was officially instituted in 2017 (Government Gazette B 2668/31-07-2017), marking the School of Social Theology and Christian Culture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s objective to spearhead the study of the worship practice and tradition of the Orthodox Church in all its manifestations.

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