Laboratory of Pedagogy – Christian Pedagogy

The Laboratory of Pedagogy – Christian Pedagogy of the Department of Social Theology and Christian Culture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was founded in the academic year 2008-2009, following the actions of the Professor of the Department, Mr. Iraklis Rerakis (G.G. v. B΄ 661/09.04.2009). The start of its operation took place after the completion of its constraction and equipment in May 2010.

Location: 4th floor, Faculty of Theology building.
Opening hours: 09.00-14.30, Monday to Friday.
T: +30 2310 996974.
Director: Evangelos Pepes
T: +30 2310 996968
Scientific stαff:
Giolanta Siskou
Τ: +30 2310 997103
Vasiliki Sgourniou
Τ: +30 2310 96974

The Laboratory addresses the research and educational needs of the Sciences of Pedagogy, Educational Psychology, Christian Pedagogy, and Didactics of school Religious Education. In this context, it supports, in terms of technical and technological infrastructure and scientific training, the Pedagogical and teaching Competence Programme, as well as the Department’s Internship Programme.

The objectives of the Laboratory include:

Α. The coverage of educational and research needs in the field of education of children and adults, psycho-pedagogical and teaching training of undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department with the use of multimedia, new pedagogical methods and application of educational technology in cooperation with Primary and Secondary Education and other institutions with pedagogical activity. 

Β. Academic research in the field of Sciences of Education, the study and analysis of the implementation of new educational models and strategies in all levels of education, as well as the implementation of research projects of corresponding content.

C. Any form of cooperation with scientific and social institutions, the Church, Research Centres, Institutes, Laboratories and University Departments in Greece and abroad.

D. The organizing of lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events with the participation of Greek and foreign scientist, as well as the dissemination of their research results through publications and scientific editions.

E. The provision of research and scientific services, relevant to educational issues, to public and private bodies that express a corresponding interest.