Department of Holy Scripture and Patristics

The department covers the educational and research domain related to introductory, historical, theological, philological, and literary issues of Holy Scriptures, Patristic Literature and their pertinent fields of study as well as the domain related to the importance and significance of those texts to the contemporary life of the Orthodox Church and thought. There is a special focus on the language of Biblical and Ecclesial texts, which are examined as part of the Ancient Greek Language evolution to its contemporary form.

In particular, the issues under study are the ones appertained to the following fields:

a) of the Old Testament

b) of the New Testament and Textual Criticism studies, involving introductory issues on redaction history and hermeneutics on the basis of philological and theological exegesis, as well as the study of early and later hermeunetical approaches to the New Testament text, while at the same time focusing on their deeper theological notions. These issues are examined under an interdisciplinary approach with the other educational and research fields being offered by the School, aiming towards not only a unified but a unifying knowledge, according to the essence of the Orthodox Theology

c) of Patristics, covering the broader field of Christian Literature (from the Apostolic Era to the Turkish rule period), and Hagiology as a subdivision of Patristics dealing with the theological-literary evolution frame of Hagiological Literature, as well as its genre evolution from the period of the persecutions to post Byzantine era

d) of Religious Studies, covering introductory issues, as well as issues relating to the history of religions and the dialogue among the major monotheistic Religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam), their historical evolution and their theological content.