Quality Policy of the School

Quality Policy of Undergraduate Programme

The Quality Policy of the School of Social Theology and Christian Culture, as reflected in the Undergraduate Study Program, is consistent with the Quality Policy of the AUTh. In particular, the objectives of the Undergraduate Study Program are:

  • Provision of a high quality Study Program characterized by coherence, breadth as well as depth, rational distribution of the workload, interdisciplinary and extroversion.
  • Combination of Theological courses with more practical courses (such as Pedagogy, Liturgics and Pastoral Studies) but also with courses of study of Christian culture.
  • Dialogue with other sciences, such as Psychology, Sociology, Νatural Sciences and Ecology.
  • Student-centered teaching process.
  • Specialization in key areas of Theological science and ecclesiastical administration.

The fulfillment of these goals is the main concern of the members of the School and is achieved thanks to its well-qualified teaching and research staff and the active participation of its students.