Department of History, Doctrine, Inter-Orthodox and Inter-Christian Relations

The department covers

a) the domain of studies in the historical sources, in the historical relations of the Orthodox Patriarchates and of the local churches, in church developments to the present, as well as in the institutions of the Orthodox Church over time. It also includes the interpretation of church events, particularly those that defined the course of European peoples, but also illuminate the identity and existence of the Orthodox Diaspora worldwide,

b) the domain of studies related to the interpretation of the Orthodox faith formulation; this task is accomplished through the study of the synodical and doctrinal texts within the context of the literature, church life and testimony of the church body, as well as through the study of the historical and philosophical background of faith formulations, along with all the misinterpretation and opposition which lead to Christianity’s fragmentation. The aim is towards a better understanding of contemporary world, in order to minister people as beings living in a contemporary world.

The following subdivisions are included:
  • Interpretation of Doctrinal and Symbolic texts
  • History of Doctrines
  • Doctrine of the Orthodox Church
  • Symbolic Theology – Inter-orthodox and Inter-Christian Relations
  • Philosophy and the Study of Christian heresies and sects

The Doctrine subdivision additionally aims at infiltrating international environments and studying the Ecumenicity of the Orthodox Church in dialogue with the other Christians, with cultural, social and natural sciences, with Technology and modern thought, facilitating the communication among Orthodox people all over the world and investigating the possibility of a form of solid dialogue.