Angelopoulou Anastasia

Laboratory Teaching Staff
Teaching: "Recent Church History of Greece", 5345/17-10-2022/τ. Β΄

Research Interests
  • Church History of Greece (19th-20th century)
  • Church of Thessaloniki
  • Ecclesiastical portrait of Thessaloniki
  • Religious propagandes during the period of the macedonian struggle
Φ.Ε.Κ. Προκήρυξης 5345/17-10-2022/τ. Β΄

Phone +30 2310 996685
Office 302-305 (3rd floor, Faculty of Theology building)
Office hours Monday-Tuesday 11:00-13:00 (for a different time, please contact via e-mail)
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Selected Publications:

  • Book-teaching manual under the title: «Holy places of worship of greek-orthodox communities in the vortex of ethnofyletism, 19-20 century», Anastasia Angelopoulou, Thessaloniki, 2023.
  • Book-teaching manual under the title: «Ecclesiastical History. The ChurchSociety of Thessaloniki. Chronological spiritual achievements of the city in South East Europe as an Exarchate, Vicariate and Metropolis», Thessaloniki, 2022. Cooperation: Prof. Ath. Angelopoulos.
  • Monography edition under the title: «The orthodox lyrical meditation in the 20th century, Introduction», Thessaloniki, 2020. Cooperation: em. Prof. Ath. Karathanasis.
  • Αrticles at the Laboratory of History, Policy, Diplomacy and Geography of the Church “Eusebious Lab” at the School of Social Theology and Christian Culture:
  • – Captured, disputed or closed holy places of worship in Macedonia between 1870-1912, due to Bulgarian and Romanian propaganda. Cases in Monastir (Bitola) Vilayet and specifically at the diocese (metropolis) of Moglena, 8-6-2020.
  • – The legal and supervisory regime of the holy places of worship in Macedonia since 1867 and the practical machinations for their dispute under the Church Regulation in 1910, 16-8-2019.

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